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Who I Am

I am a Piano-Man. I believe in helping others achieve excellence. I entertain as a public-service. I'm an underground cultural-arts advocate, sometimes surfacing my head in pop-culture. I reach to outperform and undo “corporate” evils against ‘artistic’ individuals and expression. My Official Business Name is Sekrett Scilensce Associates which is the music-entertainment brand for my company, Kuneo Koei. Some of my songs are available as Secret Silence too.

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What I Do

I create Classical as well as "NO Auto-Tune" Electronic styled songs. After the songs are made, I try to license them to Supervisors of Film, TV, Video-Game, Business (Marketing), Mobile, and related industries. You can buy them directly over the internet as well.

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Why You're Here

I pride myself on believing it's because I create Anti Auto-Tune Music (what is auto-tune?) and because I aim to inspire and re-invent listening experiences however I can.

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Phone: (718)215-9939

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